We thrive to develop solutions for hospitals complementing existing hospital information systems - enhancing clinical workflow, through transparency and cost-efficiency.

With our web-based solutions, we support documentation and quality assurance in oncology. Even in the case of complex chronic diseases, all parties involved have efficient access to the relevant data up to date and in their history.
This enables doctors to focus on clinical activities. A cross-sectoral network is created, which also involves patients in a self-determined engagement.
The result: assured quality of treatment and reduced costs.

Benefits implementing our Solutions

Multidisciplinary Meeting :
c.37 Tumorboard Solution

  • Effective Multidisciplinary Communication 
  • Effective work optimisation
  • Integrated Video Function
  • No follow-up work

Cancer Documentation :
c.37 CancerCenter Solution

  • Structured Case Documentation
  • All in one Oncology Solution
  • Integration into all Hospital information systems
  • Statistical Evaluation of medical outcomes

Patient Portal :
c.37 PatientPortal Solution

  • Improved Services through Patient feedback
  • Current health capturing
  • Improving ability to detect symptoms
  • Improved outcomes

e-Health Infrastructure for Healthcare Facilities

celsius37™ CancerCenter

Transparency and proof of the quality of results require a qualified comparison dataset. Proper documentation and comparison of results can provide increased legitimacy. Complex cases often require an elaborate dataset for professional tracking of results. Achieving this and avoiding the pain of unnecessary data accumulation requires intelligence as well as specialised, easy-to-use IT systems, as does the acquisition and presentation of such data.

celsius37™ TumorBoard

Interdisciplinary treatment is central for successful cancer treatment. Physicians from different fields meet in tumour boards to review different cases and create customised treatments (multidisciplinary team meeting, MDTM). The integrated electronic support tool c37.TumorBoard can optimize the time requirements for participants and make information, recommendations, and customised treatment plans available to all physicians involved in the treatment.

celsius37™ CaseBoard

The CaseBoard provides you with a disease-specific documentation platform for targeted clinical pictures or rare diseases. The integrated module for case conferences supports you in interdisciplinary collaboration with your medical center partners. The course of treatment is mapped transparently for all partners involved in the treatment.

Providing medical care for complex diseases like cancer is becoming more and more important. Achieving quality treatment is impossible without an interdisciplinary approach to treatment and integrated systems tied together by effective communication processes.
The constant push for better, increasingly individualized treatments and alternatives with a strict eye towards cost control - innovation is key in this sector of medicine.
celsius37™ is focused on developing web-based solutions for the oncology sector, capable of connecting and integrating with various medical IT systems used both hospital-wide and in radiology, pathology, laboratories, even genome laboratories or external locations, meeting the requirements of an efficient and patient-oriented service provider.

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