celsius37™CaseBoard - web based case file for medical facilities

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More and more clinical pictures are treated interdisciplinary to enable an optimal course of treatment.


The c37.CaseBoard provides you with a disease-specific documentation platform for targeted clinical pictures or rare diseases. The integrated module for case conferences supports you in interdisciplinary collaboration with your medical center partners. The course of treatment is mapped transparently for all partners involved in the treatment.


CaseBoard allows you to map and cleanly document your quality assurance processes. It bundles the structured, clinical documentation for the clinical picture and allows you to generate flexible evaluations for quality management or for proof to health insurance companies (treatment contract, selective contract) and certification bodies. Your clinic can operate the c37.CaseBoard independently using the web interface and SQL database. Alternatively, we can offer you c37.CaseBoard as a cloud solution in a secure data center.


With the help of the integrated celsius37™ FormularDesigner, individual data sets, and questionnaires for targeted disease patterns, rare diseases, or special treatment contracts (IV contracts) can be configured and adapted. This provides you with center-specific documentation.


The patient can also be integrated into the CaseBoard in data protection and DSGVO-compliant manner. Questionnaires created with c37.FormularDesigner can be provided online for a patient. This patient can fill out the questionnaires - also with the support of persons he or she trusts - at home before the clinic visit. The questionnaires can also be filled out and made available by the patient on a tablet PC in the waiting area of a clinic. This enables paperless documentation and an efficient process in the clinic.


Within the CaseBoard, all relevant information about the patient is recorded in a structured manner and made available to you in a targeted manner. The CaseBoard can be networked with your IT systems with little effort, so that already documented information on the patient can be transferred without duplicate documentation. Conference protocols of case discussions and other documents can be transferred to your clinical system based on HL7 interfaces. A link in the clinical system enables a seamless transition to the documentation in CaseBoard.


Printing was yesterday. Today, you can access the information of the upcoming meeting appointments via the celsius37™App from anywhere on the go: dates and location, registered patients, questions and details about the course of the disease - all this is clearly presented to you, Note function included.

  • Integrated care (IV contracts with payers)

  • Pain patients

  • Chronic pain

  • Obesity

  • Diabetes Mellitus

  • Vascular diseases

  • Complex pediatric diseases (e.g., asthma, ADHD, surgery)

  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

  • Parkinson's disease

  • Rheumatism

  • Depression or depressive behavior

CaseBoard components at glance

  • Structured, disease-related case files

  • Conference module for interdisciplinary case discussion

  • c37.FormDesigner for own documentation forms and patient questionnaires

  • Secure integration of external treatment partners

  • Patient access to fill out online questionnaires at home or in the waiting area

  • With the c37.App all upcoming conferences at a glance at any time

  • Networking with existing IT systems via HL7 interfaces, DICOM, URL, web services

  • Flexible evaluations

  • In-house installation or cloud solution in a secure data center (software)

New: MyCaseBoard as Cloud-Solution available

c37.CaseBoard Flyer Download:

CaseBoard Flyer
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