celsius37™RadPortal - Web-based image distribution by order entry


The c37.RadPortal allows ambulances and hospital wards to gain access to digital patient information and communications, including direct access to reports and images. It provides an efficient instrument for connecting referring personnel (wards, ambulances, partner clinics) to the radiology department. Because the c37.RadPortal collects and incorporates the HIS patient information, there is no need to manage the basic data separately; the portal itself is seamlessly connected to preexisting IT systems

The functionality:

  • Consistent overview of all radiological patient examinations
  • Integrated into the HIS; context-sensitive data retrieval directly out of the respective clinical system via URL
  • Electronic web-based order communication
  • Tight interconnection to the radiological RIS
  • Direct access to examination status, eventual schedule changes, results and DICOM images
  • Simple administration and operation (only brief introductory training necessary)
  • Scheduling and calendar functions
  • Event and transport lists for auxiliary services
  • Selective work-lists ensure access only to relevant data - this makes operation simple and in accordance with data privacy laws
  • Access from external wards or partner clinics (internet access needed) 
  • MPI-compatible (Master Patient Index) for linking different hospitals to one radiological RIS system

Advantages at a glance

  • Saves time through effortless coordination: The c37.RadPortal is an efficiency boost for radiological communication!
  • Easily implemented (data prep & training)
  • Ubiquitous solution
  • Availability from outside of the respective HIS system 
  • Compatible with all major PACS systems