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Better results and cost control

Providing medical care for complex diseases like cancer is becoming more and more important. Achieving this is impossible without an interdisciplinary approach to treatment and integrated systems tied together by effective communication processes.
The constant push for better, increasingly individualised treatments and alternatives with a strict eye towards cost control - innovation is key in this sector of medicine.
This strategy of driving forward is not possible without transparency in both cost and efficiency: Data management is key. This project could not be realised without the support of dedicated IT systems tailor-made for round-the-clock data collection and retrieval.
celsius37 is focused on developing web-based solutions highly suited to the oncological scenario, capable of connecting to and integrating with various medical IT systems used both hospital-wide and in radiology, pathology, laboratories, even genome laboratories or external locations, meeting the requirements of an efficient and patient-oriented service provider.
In order to optimise treatment quality and reduce costs, all parties involved must have access to the same information; this must also be accomplished within existing IT structures and with a reasonably tight budget.

Process support for effective multidisciplinary team meeting (MDT, MDTM)


Interdisciplinary treatment is central for successful cancer treatment. Physicians from different fields meet in tumour boards to review different cases and create customised treatment (multidisciplinary team meeting, MDTM). The integrated electronic support tool c37.TumorBoard can optimize the time requirements for participants and make information, recommendations and customised treatment plans available to all physicians involved in the treatment.

Cancer documentation/Cancer Registry Solutions

Transparency and proof of quality of results requires a qualified comparison dataset. Proper documentation and comparison of results can provide increased legitimacy. Complex cases often require an elaborate dataset for professional tracking of results. Achieving this and also avoiding the pain of unnecessary data accumulation requires intelligence as well as specialised, easy-to-use IT systems, as does the acquisition and presentation of said data.

Multi-language support

The celsius37 solutions are currently available in English, Spanish, French and German. If required, additional languages can be added to the outsourced language tables.