Vision and Strategy AG was founded in 2000 with the objective of enabling the "informed patient" to access and handle his/her personal medical data with the help of web-based technologies. All parties involved in the treatment process should have access to the same information in order to optimize the quality of the therapy and to reduce costs.


To that end, develops web-based solutions for the health care industry to enhance the existing primary solutions with innovative services. Based on’s products, the various physicians and medical centers involved in the treatment process can create a virtual "Healthcare Community" and offer their patients the best possible care.


The Company


Executive Board:

Egbert Janssen studied economics and computer sciences at the University of Mannheim. After graduation, he helped build up the software company GAP GmbH, where he took charge of the development process. GAP grew into the European market leader in radiology software systems. He continued as head of development with iSOFT Germany, who acquired GAP in 2004. As of 2008 Egbert has been a major shareholder and member of the executive board of AG.

Dwayne Jensen joined the company in April 2011 and was appointed to the executive board in October 2011. Previously, Dwayne worked with megapharm GmbH for many years in the field of cancer documentation and therapy planning.

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