Breast cancer center Zurich trusts in celsius37 coupled with

Breast Cancer Center Zurich trusts in celsius37 (Adjumed, EUSOMA, SBCDB, MIBB)


celsius37 has introduced an advanced interface to
Every year, the largest breast cancer center in Zurich counts more than 4.000 cases and has been providing valuable data to medical registries for years, for the Swiss Breast Cancer Center Database by Krebsliga (incl. EUSOMA) as well as for the MIBB database (Minimally Invasive Breast Biopsies working group), both powered by Adjumed. To optimise its internal workflows, the breast cancer center in Zurich has now successfully implemented our c37.CancerCenter solution.
The registry solutions and the c37.CancerCenter are seamlessly connected to ensure deep integration.
The result of this unique symbiosis is internal performance combined with external security.
With celsius37's Oncological Information System, a powerful tool for tumour and medical documentation, all internal processes can be documented and covered. Once entered, all data is immediately available from anywhere within the centre, and also to referring doctors and medical registries.

With the c37.TumorBoard, celsius37 has created a unique tool covering all aspects involved in tumor boards, from planning and organising to implementation and documentation. Sophisticated routines offer the support needed for streamlining activities in both personal meetings and remote sessions. This saves time, energy and money.

We're sure that the pairing of Adjumed and celsius37, based on cutting-edge software solutions from Switzerland and Germany, is the best solution for your tumour centre as well.

We invite you to take a closer look at our solution at the Brustzentrum Zurich.

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