EU GDPR*-compliant cloud-service for c37.TumorBoard  and c37.CancerCenter starting soon

Hosted in a data center certified by European standards, celsius37 will offer subscription-based services for both oncological documentation and TumourBoard-management from September 2018, based on the company's well-established c37.TumorBoard-suite, one of Europe's leading solutions for the medical community.


Step into the world of professionally structured data handling: The new online-service provides quick and easy setup of individualized databases within a secure environment and is available in English, Spanish, German and French on user-level.


Designed for professional users, subject-specific descriptions of all organ-specific tumours can easily be entered in dedicated forms. Anytime, data is available for statistics and organ-specific evaluations. Export to MS Excel or other applications is included (CSV).


The collection of data also feeds the company's c37.TumorBoard-module, which is a one-key-solution for the preparation and execution of medical interdisciplinary team meetings, or TumorBoards. C37.TumorBoard is a powerful module including all elements for organization and management of the meetings, featuring serial appointments, lists, agendas and tumor board protocols. 


Celsius37 also supports mobile devices: the new TumorBoard App* provides overviews and comprehensive details of upcoming meetings on the go, whenever needed.


Celsius37's new service allows interested parties to get started without any initial investment- and hardware-requirements. Software maintenance and data backup is performed centrally and included in the service. As a part of GDPR-compliance, any data on the servers is stored encrypted with unique and individual keys, only known by the users.


Sounds interesting? Take advantage of our ramping-up period:

any order placed before September 1, 2018 will be discounted by 40%!


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* EU GDPR is the EU General Data Protection Regulation, effective from May 25, 2018

* TumorBoard app is currently available for iOS (Apple).