c37.Tumorboard-APP: Access Medical Team Meetings through mobile app (Apple iOS)

TB-App enables you to see details of current conferences registered in c37.TumorBoard through Smartphone and Tablet.


TB-App is the perfect companion to c37.TumorBoard for doctors on the go. If working on ward or on the way to the next appointment, preparing for team meetings was never easier. Also during the conferences it is possible to fast-forward, to see details of the next relevant patient.
The new TB-App gives you easy control for better preparation!


In addition to get a quick and easy overview of all cases to be discussed, it is also possible to comment on individual cases – before or even during the meeting. It is your choice, whether comments are only visible for yourself or being broadcasted to all participants (chat-function with questions, answers and recommendations).


Public comments support efficient communication and even decision-taking in front of the meetings, speeding up the processes to find consensus. Any comments originating from the TB-App are stored in the central database of c37.TumorBoard, thus making them accessible also from any other workplace.


TB-App is completely integrated within c37.TumorBord!


TB-App: All Advantages On One Glance

  • Easy mobile access to all cases in discussion through iPhone and iPad
  • Completely integrated within c37.TumorBoardm including access rights
  • Comment and chat-functionality built-in, for streamlined preparation
  • Highest degree of data security
    • highest degree of security with multiple data encryption
    • no medical data is stored on the device (no footprint)
    • Central authentication process controlled by c37.TumorBoard
    • Central management of mobile access by c37.TumorBoard
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