celsius37 with strong partners at the conhIT 2014

At this year´s ConhIT 2014, celsius37 presented the c37.TumorBoard integrated into the CISCO TelePresence video conferencing system.There was a live connection to the booth of our partners at x-tention. Together, a case conference was simulated to showcase the c37.TumorBoard's functionality and features.

  • At the beginning of the conference, the external participants are added to the virtual conference room by the CISCO videoconferencing system.

  • During case discussion, the radiological scan images as well as reports (e.g., from the ELGA/IHE Repository) can be accessed and displayed at any time.

  • With only a few mouseclicks, decisions can be documented directly in the system. At the end of the conference, the documentation minutes are already available for distribution among the participants.


As can be seen, the c37.TumorBoard is both easy to use and efficient in managing all the various case conference activities Teamwork with regards to patients and time saved for the physicians!