celsius37 presents c37.TumorBoard and c37.CancerCenter in Denmark

celsius37 was part of E-sundhedsobservatoriet (Nyborg,  Denmark) from Oct. 5-6, 2015 and presented its international version of c37.CancerCenter and c37.TumorBoard. Denmark has been a pioneer in e-health from the beginning and their annual convention attracts more than 500 healthcare experts in healthcare discussing trends and software solutions. Cooperating with global vendor Cambio Healthcare Systems in Denmark, celsius37's solutions were presented as a new module within Cambio’s EPR COSMIC. Cambio has also presented the c37.CancerCenter at their user's meeting to selected opinion makers in their customer base.


c37.CancerCenter and c37.TumorBoard now supports five languages: German, English, French, Spanish and Danish.