celsius37 now available in French (SONGe Genf)



In 1999, to concentrate their efforts to the benefit of oncological patients, the physicians of the city of Geneva had already organised into the non-profit organisation known as the SONGe network. This interclinical network, comprised of a team of radiologists, gynecologists, pathologists and oncologists dedicated to helping afflicted patients towards betterment focuses on gynecological oncology and malignant breast disease.


The group’s high standards are maintained by continued education and training, monthly workshops and a large symposium held every two years.


To ensure complete patient care, new tumour cases and known cases’ progress are reviewed in weekly multidisciplinary meetings. To help these meetings run smoothly and efficiently, the SONGe network utilises the french-language version of the c37.CancerCenter, which has been adapted to meet their specialists’ requirements. The c37.CancerCenter software solution functions as both a comprehensive patient information documentation system as well as a central tool for arranging, conducting and concluding the weekly multidisciplinary meetings, and can be accessed by all their expert physicians regardless of location.