celsius37.com AG participated at webinar at Wilmington Healthcare in London

Within the frame of „The NHS 10-year Cancer Plan: the Medical Technology Perspective“, celsius37 and BD CATO shed some light on feasible advantages of their current projects throughout Europe:
Imagine going on holiday in Cork then being admitted to A&E, and your doctor in Dublin would know with a click of a button. Your medical records would be transferred with consent leaving the guesswork out for your doctor in A&E in Cork. He uses Artificial Intelligence technology to accurately diagnose and treat your condition. Imagine being able to walk out of the A&E and reaching your GP to find all that he has prescribed all the follow-up medications, and your pharmacist already has them ready.
Is this a dream? It is possible for a number of countries throughout the world – and in partnership with Celcius 37 and BD this is a reality. The medical technology companies participating in this panel discussion recognize that we all have different specialties – and that the only way to help make the NHS 10 year cancer plan a reality is via collaboration, because we are stronger together.
The panel discussed the projects that are on-going and live throughout the UK as well as Europe that use these digital technologies and how it has improved diagnosis and waiting times, as well as the challenges we have faced. Also, discussions included how barcoded and paperless technology has given back precious time and protects frontline healthcare workers as well as the steps to get there.

Link to webinar ( the media can be downloaded from this link if required ): webinar