Update on NCIS, the Irish OIS-solution

The republic of Ireland recently moved one step further towards its goal, the implementation of its nation-wide Oncological Information System. The joint venture of Becton Dickinson CATO, Austria and celsius37.com AG has passed the milestone after the blueprint-phase, hence the system will now be developed and thoroughly tested in a dedicated environment. At this step, partner company x-tention (also based in Austria) has activated its communication channels, powered by Orchestra communication server, and its Master Patient Index-module that will work in conjunction with the nation-wide Irish Health Identifier (IHI).
The successful cooperation of the industrial partners has led to a joint strategy, to extend the power of this unique solution to more countries and markets internationally. As of today, there is no other solution world-wide to cover all aspects in Oncology: from the first steps of registering new patients, recording all activities including multidisciplinary meetings, onto the support of treatment processes like Chemotherapy and others – while interfacing electronically with clinical partners like pharmacies, laboratories, etc.
In addition, patients are always involved by dialogue through a dedicated patient portal.