LCH-Portal to be presented at the Histiocyte Society 2017 in Singapore


LCH (Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis) is an orphan disease, a histiocytic disorder which can affect various organs and can have many quite different clinical courses.



Around 200 physicians and scientists will attend the annual meeting of the Histiocyte Society 2017 in Singapore. On October 2nd, the web-based portal and database for "Adult LCH"  ( AG) will be presented in the "Adult Disease Discussion Session". In the absence of existing clinical trials, the results from a specialized registry provide the most appropriate tools for the advancement of knowledge in the field of rare diseases.



celsius37 provides patient organisations, physicians, scientists and other parties with a software solution for the creation of patient registries for rare diseases. The portal can be used multilingually as a cloud solution and creates disease-specific documentation. The LCH portal is a successful example for the establishment of a patient registry for rare diseases now shared internationally by users from many countries.



Dr. Michael Girschikofsky