BD CATO and celsius37 together in Ireland (NCIS) has been a part of the “eHealth Strategy for Ireland” initiative since January 2017 establishing the Irish nation-wide Medical-Oncological Clinical Information System (NCIS) in cooperation with BD CATO Austria. From diagnostics to radiotherapy, NCIS connects every sector as well as everyone involved in patient care, from hospital nurses to oncological experts and chemists.

The houses involved with NCIS range from low-level care facilities to the island republic’s four university hospitals. In NCIS, the expert medicine- and radiotherapy planning application CATO has been fused with the german specialists' web-based portal solution as well as their multidisciplinary tumour conference and documentation software.

The infrastructural groundwork is ensured via middleware technology; in addition to interconnecting various clinical subsystems plus all 26 houses' HIS, a Master Patient Index module is employed to reconstruct the Irish Health Identifier role and guarantee the unique identification of patients either on file or being treated in multiple clinics.
NCIS is currently being implemented in a Citrix environment and will be available in 4 pilot facilities, including the St. James and Cork university hospitals by autumn of 2017. 2018 is our anticipated rollout date for the other 22 facilities.