myCancercenter - cancer documentation in private cloud

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The established solutions (c37.CancerCenter and c37.TumorBoard) from celsius37 can now be used even more easily. This is achieved by a private cloud solution with the flexibility and the functions of our comprehensive software solution. You can rent your own cloud solution for your tumour center without major investment costs and do not need to worry about the technical infrastructure. Just order and start right away.


The private cloud solution myCancerCenter focuses on data security and data protection. The myCancerCenter cloud is hosted in a secure European data center and fulfills extensive data security measures, such as 2-faktor-authentication and encrypted data storage.


The celsius37 solutions are currently available in English, Spanish, French and German. If required, additional languages can be added to the outsourced language tables.

Are you interested in a feasible tumour documentation system for your hospital or medical care center? Please let us know and contact us by using our contact form (contact). We would be pleased to create an attractive offer for a quick start of your tumor documentation.