In tumor documentation and tumor-boards, Lower Austria trusts in c37.CancerCenter

In May 2014, and x-tention received the order from the Landeskliniken-Holding to implement the celsius37's oncological software as the central Oncology Information System (OIS) for the hospitals of Lower Austria. The Lower Austrian Clinics' Holding manages 27 hospitals with 8,200 hospital beds. Approximately 18,900 employees take care of 14,000 cancer patients each year (about 5,000 new cases per year).


The introduction of the Oncology Information System improves the planning and documentation of all cancer-related treatment, setting a unified high standard. This allows all involved physicians to maintain a comprehensive overview of the treatment situation of all patients at any time. In multi-site tumour conferences (Tumorboard), the treatment planning is further detailed and improved with the help of an interdisciplinary consensus. OIS supports medical quality, outcome and the cost analysis.


The installation, roll-out and maintenance of the software in a central data centre is supported by our partners at x-tention, a systems integrator located in Austria. In open competition, and x-tention displayed their competence and confidence to the Landeskliniken-Holding.