celsius37™TumorBoard - Multidisciplinary Team Meeting

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Interdisciplinary treatment is central to successful cancer treatment. Physicians from different fields meet in tumour boards to review different cases and create customised treatment plans. The integrated electronic support tool c37.TumorBoard optimises the time requirements for the participants and provides the data, recommendations, and customised treatment plans to all physicians involved.

c37.TumorBoard (MDT) functions:

  • Web-based support tool for tumour boards and optimised treatment management
  • Structured therapy recommendations
  • Standardised and organ-specific tumour documentation
  • Workflow support for case managers
  • Extensive interface to clinical systems (via HL7)
  • GUI-Integration in hospital information systems
  • Multi-client capability
  • Generic server-side solution
  • Remote web access for GPs via token
  • Extensive analysis tool